Built in 1937 as an exemplar of public housing, Liberty Square was  a vibrant African-American community, but after decades of segregation,  racism and a history of neglect, it has become one of the poorest, most crime-riddled neighborhoods in the country. A $307-million revitalization enterprise is underway  that will demolish the once bright and kempt but now faded and decrepit pastel colored 1- and 2-story Liberty Square row houses and replace them with newly fabricated mixed-income mixed-use high-rise apartment buildings that will accommodate more than twice as many residents. If successful this development could again provide a national ideal for public housing. But if the new housing falls short of its ambitious promises, the whole venture could lead to further disenfranchisement and economic and social segregation for the already vulnerable Liberty Square residents. From the first bulldozer to residents moving back into new apartments, the Razing Liberty Square documentary crew will be there, chronicling the process and final outcomes.  The complicated and multifaceted story of the Liberty Square structures and the four generations of families who have made these buildings their homes is brought to life through the stories of three resilient female residents; a school principal, a preservationist and a single mom turned housing activist, who are all bucking the waves of community displacement and Climate Gentrification in an effort to keep their neighborhood alive.

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